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Beath forsted bay The sun dlopped.
Call, already ringins the night scream,
Burden alrerly.Calruladed.
Taattoa olher them you,
Step already exgausted,
Children and our children's
Children, You now have you Toun.
Nurture, point out is brothers, Rember,
for then, the most
Ecpensive ol Country
Tell me Children, Children songs,
Dim no momorvies ever!
The anthem rings in the vouldt, step up,Dark as the longing for the ring.
Time has rertified grain, Converlional already plowed.
Wule open we marh two, The fire the sky
And the earth.
From the shoves of the ongego bay
Who now tell you get?
Ripples is lake Ladogo Power, Sharkie is beaches wattsh, Konsa has Come to, be a moth.
Prourd of the Karelian trille
Pain Compaints The eart- motger shells clases, Quorl gone alerly.

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